Mission and Purpose | First Christian Church

Mission and Purpose

The mission of the First Christian Church of Ellensburg is "To Know Jesus Christ and to Make Him Known."

We have worked together as a church family to identify a focus for ministry to assist us in accomplishing this mission.

We recognize . . .

  • That people need answers to their questions about the purpose and meaning of life;

  • That people experience distress, guilt and unhappiness because harmful things have happened to them, they find themselves in unfortunate circumstances, and/or they have been a party to unwise choices;

  • That the church is a fellowship of people who exhibit love, acceptance, and forgiveness when many others accuse and judge;

  • That the church is a vibrant and relevant force of grace and truth in the lives of people;

  • That the word of God -- revealed in the Old and New Testaments and expressed most perfectly in the person of Christ Jesus -- is made known to the world through the church, so that we may live the abundant life God wants for us.

Therefore, we believe the best focus for our ministry is that of restoration . . .

  1. Offering a refuge of love and support for people who are hurting due to negative life circumstances; that they might be restored to wholeness in Christ -- intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.
  2. Intentionally and humbly studying the Word of God -- and living out its principles; that God's truth might be restored to prominence in our attitudes and actions.
  3. Becoming more like Jesus full of grace and truth; that we might be restored to the fullness of humanity as God created us.